Pedestrian following Google Maps hit by motorcyclist

Occurred: January 2009

A pedestrian was injured by a motorist while following an online walking route across Park City, Utah, filed a lawsuit claiming Google had supplied unsafe directions on its Maps app. 

Google Maps instructed Lauren Rosenberg to walk for about 0.5 miles along 'Deer Valley Drive', an alternative name for that section of Utah State Route 224. Rosenberg said she was not not warned the highway lacked sidewalks, putting Google at fault in the accident, the case claimed. Rosenberg was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road.

The incident prompted controversy, with some people arguing Rosenberg failed to use her common sense. The court later dismissed her case on legal and 'policy' grounds. Rosenberg had sought compensation for 'severe' injuries costing over USD 100,000 in medical bills, lost wages, and unitive damages.

Operator: Lauren Rosenberg
Developer: Alphabet/Google
Country: USA
Sector: Travel/hospitality
Purpose: Direct pedestrians
Technology: Machine learning
Issue: Accuracy/reliability
Transparency: Governance

Legal, regulatory 👩🏼‍⚖️