South Korea privacy watchdog investigates Worldcoin

Occurred: February 2024

South Korea's Personal Information Protection Committee (PIPC) initiated an investigation into Worldcoin following a series of complaints about the manner in which the company was collecting sensitive data from users. 

The PIPC announced its investigation into Worldcoin would look into 'the overall collection and processing of sensitive information and overseas transfer of personal information under the Personal Information Protection Act.' 

It also noted that Worldcoin and ‘affiliates’ are reportedly collecting facial and iris data in 10 locations across South Korea, and that it would take action 'if vilations are found.'

The investigation comes in the wake of enforcement actions against the biometric cryptocurrency project in Hong Kong and Kenya

Operator: Tools for Humanity/Worldcoin  
Developer: Tools for Humanity/Worldcoin
Country: S Korea
Sector: Banking/financial services
Purpose: Develop digital identity
Technology: Iris scanning; Facial detection; Vital signs detection; Blockchain; Virtual currency
Issue: Privacy; Security
Transparency: Governance

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