Facebook, Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Released: September 2021

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Touted as having been 'designed for privacy', Facebook and Ray-Ban's new Stories smart glasses are primarily designed with the privacy of their users in mind rather than the people in their sights, according to several high-profile journalists, commentators, and privacy advocates.

Furthermore, critics argue, photos and videos of everyone in the sights of Stories wearers can can easily and quickly be used, manipulated or otherwise abused, for multiple purposes, including impersonation, fraud, and reputational attacks.

Concerns have also been raised by regulators about the visibility of the LED indicator which lights when the user is taking a video, and whether this constitutes an effective way of putting other people on notice that they are being recorded.

According to an August 2022 Wall Street Journal article, Stories smart glasses have failed to catch on, with less than 10% of devices purchased being used monthly.

Operator: Meta/Facebook  
Developer: Meta/Facebook; EssilorLuxottica
Country: USA
Sector: Technology
Purpose: Capture photos, video
Technology: Computer vision
Issue: Privacy; Surveillance; Dual/multi-use  
Transparency: Privacy

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Type: System
Published: September 2021
Last updated: August 2023