Deliveroo UK riders protest poor safety and pay

Occurred: March 2021

Riders for meal delivery company Deliveroo have been holding strikes in London and cities across the UK to protest against the company's poor pay, safety, and workers' rights record. 

The strike coincides Deliveroo public listing on London's stock exchange. The largest IPO in London since 2011, the company's stock price fell 26% on its first day due to concerns about employment conditions and the outsize control given to Deliveroo founder Will Shu also played a part. The listing was described by a banker as 'the worst IPO in London's history'.

The UK's top court recently ruled that Uber drivers should be classified as 'workers' rather than 'self-employed', raising significant questions about Deliveroo's business model. In January 2021, an Italian court ruled that a 'secretive' algorithm used by Deliveroo to rank and offer shifts to riders in Italy was discriminatory.

Operator: Deliveroo

Developer: Deliveroo
Country: UK 

Sector: Transport/logistics 

Purpose: Determine rider pay

Technology: Workforce management system 

Issue: Employment - pay, working conditions
Transparency: Governance; Black box 

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Type: Issue
Published: April 2021
Last updated: December 2021