Alberta Party endorses itself using deepfake video

Occurred: January 2023

A video shared online by Canada's Alberta Party featuring a man endorsing the party faced a backlash after social media users pointed out that the man in the video was not a real person.

The video showed a man in front of a superimposed image of Calgary. Alberta Party leader Barry Morishita later acknowleged it had been created using  video creation platform Synthesia. The clip was subsequently deleted.

The incident raised ethical questions about the Alberta's Party deliberate manipulation of reality and the potential for misinformation and disinformation. It also raised concerns about the use of deepfake technology in politics, and the need for transparency and rules and regulations governing use of the technology in Canada.

Operator: Alberta Party
Developer: Synthesia
Country: Canada
Sector: Politics
Purpose: Endorse political party
Technology: Deepfake - audio, video
Issue: Ethics/values
Transparency: Governance; Marketing