Amazon Driveri delivery driver safety monitoring slammed as inaccurate, unfair

Occurred: February 2021

The use of an 'innovative' AI-enabled video camera system by Amazon was slammed as inaccurate, unfair, and unnecessary.

According to The Information, the Netradyne-supplied cameras were able to access drivers' location, movement, and biometric data to detect risky driver behaviour, with verbal warnings issued when drivers appear distracted, ignore signposts, or drive too fast. 

Vice later reported that drivers who refuse to sign forms allowing Amazon to collect, store and use their facial and other biometric data lose their jobs, and that drivers are being unfairly punished for mistakes they had not made.

Drivers, digital rights advocates and others complained that Amazon was running an inaccurate, unfair, and unnecessary system with inadequate security and privacy protection. 

They also argued that Amazon deliberately makes it deliberately difficult for people being monitored to lodge complaints and appeals in a meaningful manner.

Operator: Amazon
Developer: Netradyne
Country: USA
Sector: Transport/logistics
Purpose: Improve safety
Technology: CCTV; Computer vision
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Fairness; Surveillance; Security; Privacy; Employment - jobs, pay
Transparency: Governance; Black box; Complaints/appeals

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Type: Incident 
Published: February 2021
Last updated: December 2021