Netflix documentary uses AI to manipulate true crime story

Occurred: April 2024

Netflix was accused of distorting the historical record and poor transparency by failing to disclose the use of AI in images used to promote its true crime documentary What Jennifer Did.

The documentary depicts Jennifer Pan, a woman currently imprisoned in Canada for paying two hitmen to murder her parents. Debuting early April 2024, the doc quickly shot to the top spot in Netflix's global top 10.

However, fans pointed out glaring flaws in images used in the movie, from weirdly mismatched earrings to her nose appearing to lack nostrils - classic signs of AI. Critics called out the documentary filmmakers for potentially embellishing a movie that's supposed to be based on real-life events, and for not disclosing the use of AI.

The accusation was disputed by the documentary's producer Jeremy Grimaldi, who said that all images of Pan used in the movie were real photos and that some had been edited to protect the identity of the source of the images.

The incident highlighted ongoing concerns about the use of AI in the entertainment industry, including when it is used to distort reality. Commentators fear Netflix could set a dangerous precedent.

System 🤖

Operator: Netflix
Country: Canada; USA
Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts
Purpose: Manipulate image
Technology: Machine learning
Issue: Ethics/values
Transparency: Governance; Marketing