Drunk driver using Tesla FSD killed after car hits tree

Occurred: 2022-2024

A Tesla employee driving home after several alcoholic drinks reportedly activated his car's Full-Self Driving capability before the vehicle careered off the road and burst into flames, killing him and injuring his passenger.

In an interview, Hans von Ohain's passenger Erik Rossiter said he believed that von Ohain was using Full Self-Driving (FSD), a charge apparently supported by the police but ruted by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

Tesla had earlier told the Washington Post that it '...could not confirm that a driver-assistance system had been in use because it did not receive data over-the-air for this incident.' 

Von Ohain’s widow, Nora Bass, argued Tesla should take some responsibility for her husband’s death. 'Regardless of how drunk Hans was, Musk has claimed that this car can drive itself and is essentially better than a human. We were sold a false sense of security.' Tesla and Musk have been accused of misleading marketing on multiple occasions.

Operator: Hans von Ohain  
Developer: Tesla
Country: USA
Sector: Automotive
Purpose: Automate steering, acceleration, braking
Technology: Self-driving system
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Safety
Transparency: Governance; Black box