Skelleftea Anderstorp high school facial recognition

Occurred: 2018

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Sweden's Data Protection Authority (DPA) has fined (pdf) the Skelleftea municipality 200,000 Swedish Krona for tracking 22 students over three weeks and detecting when each pupil entered a classroom. Images from the camera were then compared to pre-registered images of their faces. 

According to Swedish state broadcaster SVT Nyheter, Skelleftea municipality said they thought facial recognition technology would save teachers 17,280 hours a year reporting student attendance.

The regulator ruled that although the school had secured parents' consent to monitor the students, it felt it was a legally disproportionate reason to collect such sensitive personal data, and that students could be expected to have a sense of privacy when they entered a classroom.

The DPA also said the managers of the project failed to do a proper impact assessment, which should have led to consulting the authority due to the risks involved. 

Operator: Skelleftea Secondary Education Board, Anderstorp's High School
Developer: Tieto
Country: Sweden

Sector: Education

Purpose: Register attendance

Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Privacy