AI confuses bus ad for jaywalker

Occurred: November 2018

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An AI system in the Chinese city of Ningbo has mistakenly accused a woman pictured on the side of a bus of jaywalking. 

The system had reacted to an advert on the side of a bus that showed the face of Dong Mingzhu, CEO of Gree Electric Appliances, China's biggest air-conditioner maker. 

Ms Dong's face had subsequently been shown on a large display on a roadside in an effort to shame her. Meantime, the real jaywalker walked free.

Ningbo police said they had deleted the photo of Ms Mong and would update the AI system so that it could differentiate between ads and people. 

Operator: Ningbo City Police
Developer: Unclear/unknown
Country: China
Sector: Govt - municipal; Govt - police
Purpose: Improve street safety
Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Accuracy/reliability
Transparency: Governance