Sony warns AI companies not to misuse its data

Occurred: May 2024 

Sony Music warned AI companies not to train their systems with its content.

Sony Music Group issued warning letters to over 700 AI developers and music streaming services, prohibiting the use of its content for training, developing, or commercialising AI systems. This includes music from artists like Beyoncé, Harry Styles, and Adele.

According to Sony, the unauthorised use of it’s content for AI training deprives the company and its artists of control over their work and appropriate compensation. Sony executives are concerned that their music has already been exploited and are seeking to establish a clear legal position against any AI developer considered to have used their music without consent.

This move marks a significant stance in the music industry’s ongoing battle against tech groups using copyrighted content without consent or compensation. 

Sony’s decision could set a precedent for other music groups and impact the development of AI systems that rely on such data.



Country: Global

Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts


Technology: Generative AI; Machine learning; Neural network; Deep learning; NLP/text analysis; Deepfake - audio

Issue: Copyright

Transparency: Governance