Putin declares martial law deepfake

Occurred: June 2023

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Russian president Valdimir Putin gave a fake address on television and radio stations announcing that Ukrainian forces had invaded Russia, martial law had been declared in the border regions, and that a nationwide military mobilisation had begun. 

The broadcast ran in Belgorod, Voronezh, and Rostov, cities in close proximity to Ukraine’s border, and inflamed already high tensions on Russia's borders after a series of military incursions by self-proclaimed Russian  and 'patriots' and armed insurgents. 

Russian news agency TASS later reported that Kremlin spokesman Dimitry Peskov had said the purported address by was fake and the result of a hack. It is unclear who had created the fake materials, and what their intention was.


Country: Russia

Sector: Politics

Purpose: Scare/confuse/destabilise

Technology: Deepfake - audio, video

Transparency: Governance; Marketing