Shanghai triples facial surveillance in Xuhui district, raising concerns 

Occurred: June 2024

A significant expansion and upgrade of police facial recognition and ethnic minority surveillance capabilities in Shanghai, China, raised concerns about the loss of human rights and liberties by Uyghurs and others. 

A report by video research company IPVM revealed that Shanghai's Xuhui District completed the implementation of a facial recognition system that specifically detects "Uyghur ethnicity" based on facial features across thousands of cameras. 

The system is part of a larger surveillance expansion reportedly aimed at capturing 25.9 million faces daily and storing them in a database of over 50 million individual files.

The system performs "Passerby Attribute Recognition" analysis to assess attributes like gender, age group, and "Uyghur ethnicity." This data is then stored with corresponding images for retrieval by police and data analysis. 

The report highlighted concerns about the discriminatory targeting of the Uyghur community and the pervasive surveillance of people's activities and movements, regardless of wrongdoing, by Shanghai authorities. 

System 🤖

Country: China
Sector: Govt - police; Govt - security
Purpose: Identify and control ethnic minorities
Technology: Attribute recognition; Facial recognition
Issue: Human/civil rights; Privacy