GM Cruise fails to yield to pedestrian at crosswalk

Occurred: March 2018

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A self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EV test car was issued a ticket in San Francisco for not yielding to a pedestrian at a crosswalk. The car was pulled over by a police officer shortly after having gone through the crosswalk.

The Bolt EV had been in an autonomous driving mode, meaning that its sensors were collecting data as it drove down the street and the car logged the information as it used it to make decisions on how to operate.

Cruise contested the ticket on the basis that data from the car suggests the pedestrian was 10.8 feet away when it passed through the intersection, and that the pedestrian had not been put in danger.  

Operator: GM Cruise
Developer: GM Cruise; General Motors/Chevrolet
Country: USA
Sector: Automotive
Purpose: Automate steering, acceleration, braking
Technology: Self-driving system
Issue: Safety; Accuracy/reliability; Legal - liability
Transparency: Governance; Black box