Tesla Model S strikes curb, kills three passengers

Occurred: May 2022

A Tesla Model S travelling on the Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California, struck a curb and collided with construction equipment, killing the three people in the car and injuring three construction workers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it would investigate the crash, including whether Tesla’s AutoPilot driver-assist technology was active.

The injuries to the construction workers were considered non-life-threatening and they were taken to a local hospital.

35 of the 42 open investigations being conducted by the NHTSA’s in-depth crash investigation team related to driver-assist technology involve Tesla.  

Developer: Tesla
Country: USA
Sector: Automotive
Purpose: Automate steering, acceleration, braking
Technology: Driver assistance system
Issue: Accuracy/reliability; Safety
Transparency: Black box

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