Clearview AI tests live facial recognition cameras

Occurred: March 2020

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News that controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI was testing AI-enabled security cameras and augmented reality glasses prompted concerns about privacy.

Buzzfeed discovered that Clearview AI was operating Insight Camera, a subsidiary company offering facial recognition-powered surveillance cameras aimed at 'retail, banking and residential buildings' and being tested by the United Federation of Teachers and Rudin Management. 

The latter told Buzzfeed that the system consisted of a self-contained, closed system' that did not access Clearview AI’s principal database of facial photographs.

Insight Camera later took down its website, which had not spelled out its relationship with Clearview AI. Buzzfeed was able to link the two companies by comparing code from their respective websites. 

Clearview had earlier insisted that it only worked with US government agencies. 


Operator: ClearviewAI/Insight Camera
Developer: Clearview AI
Country: USA
Sector: Banking/financial services; Real estate
Purpose:  Strengthen security
Technology: Facial recognition
Issue: Privacy; Surveillance
Transparency: Governance