LG CLOi smart home robot launch failure

Occurred: January 2018

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LG's CLOi personal assistant robot repeatedly failed on stage in what experts said was a 'disastrous' debut at the annual Consumer Electronics Show. 

Intended to showcase ThinQ, LG's in-house AI software, which it aimed to integrate with various products to make them easier to use and capable of 'evolving' to meet customers' needs, the launch rapidly went downhill, apparently failing to understand requests to find out whether his operator's washing was ready, what was planned for dinner and what recipes it could suggest for chicken. 

The incident raised questions about the reliability and robustness of ThinQ, and was seen to have damaged LG's reputation.


Operator: LG
Developer: LG
Country: S Korea; USA
Sector: Technology
Purpose: Provide personal assistance
Technology: Robotics; Obstacle recognition; Speech recognition
Issue: Robustness

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Type: Incident
Published: January 2024