Zhihu job resignation predictions backlash

Occurred: February 2022

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SupaChina reports a surveillance tool that predicts employee resignations has been flagged by an employee at Zhihu, the largest question-and-answer platform in China.

During lay-off rumours at Shenzhen-based Zhihu, a complaint was made by an anonymous whistleblower, who says he was fired after his manager found out about his plans to quit.

Sangfor Technologies' 'Behavioral Perception System' purportedly calculates employees’ perceived resignation risk by tracking their browsing history and conversations with coworkers, flagging people talking about 'bad treatment', 'no prospects', and 'low wages'.

Sangfor removed information about its product from its website after news of the Zhihu firing hit the headlines. 

Operator: Zhihu; Sina; China Everbright Bank Shenzhen; East China Normal University
Developer: Sangfor Technologies
Country: China
Sector: Business/professional services
Purpose: Predict employee resignations
Technology: Prediction algorithm
Issue: Surveillance; Privacy; Accuracy/reliability; Appropriateness/need
Transparency: Governance; Privacy; Complaints/appeals; Black box; Marketing