DukeMTMC facial recognition dataset

DukeMTMC is a dataset of video footage taken on Duke University's campus in 2014 with the aim of accelerating advances in 'multi-target, multi-camera tracking' using person re-identification and low-resolution facial recognition.

Published (pdf) in 2016 by Duke University academics and researchers, the dataset consists of over 2 million frames of 2,000 students captured using 8 cameras expressly set up to capture students 'during periods between lectures, when pedestrian traffic is heavy'.

The project was shut down after the publication of researcher Adam Harvey's Exposing.ai project and a Financial Times investigation into facial recognition data sharing.

Operator: CloudWalk; Hikvision; Megvii; SenseNets; SeeQuestor; SenseTime; Beihang University; National University of Defense Technology, China; NEC; PLA Army Engineering University 
Developer: Ergys Ristani; Francesco Solera; Roger Zou; Rita Cucchiara; Carlo Tomasi; Duke University
Country: USA
Sector: Technology; Research/academia
Purpose: Train facial recognition systems
Technology: Dataset; Facial recognition; Computer vision
Issue: Ethics/values; Dual/multi-use; Privacy
Transparency: Governance; Privacy

Risks and harms 🛑

The DukeMTMC facial recognition dataset faced concerns due to unethical data collection and availability, and its use for academic, commercial, and military purposes.

Research, advocacy 🧮

Investigations, assessments, audits 🧐

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