ClothOff denudifier

ClothOff is a web and smartphone-based app that invites people to 'undress anyone using AI' for approximately GBP 8.50 for 25 credits.

Largely promoted using Telegram groups via a series of secretive companies in Delaware, Russia, New Zealand, the UK, and elsewhere, ClothOff is known to have been used in a number of controversial incidents involving the nonconsensual nudification of school students.


Developer: Alaiksandr Babichau, Alexander German, Dasha Babicheva, Yevhen Bondarenko
Country: Belarus; Spain; USA
Sector: Media/entertainment/sports/arts
Purpose: Denudify women
Technology: Deepfake - image; Neural network; Deep learning; Machine learning
Issue: Ethics/values; Safety; Privacy
Transparency: Governance

Almendralejo scandal

AI-generated nude images of over twenty girls circulated in the town of Almendralejo in the Extremadura region of Spain, shocking the local community and prompting a police investigation.

Westfield High School scandal

Girls at Westfield High School in New Jersey, USA, were subjected to fake nude images of them being shared among other students, sparking uproar and prompting a police investigation.

Governance opacity

A February 2024 Guardian investigation revealed that ClothOff was being run by Belarusian Dasha Babicheva and her brother Alaiksandr Babichau,a dn had been using AI-generated images to cover the identifies.

Online video game marketplaces G2A and Skinsback was being used to collect payments for Clothoff and a number of similar platfirms, with the sales disguised as if they were for downloadable gaming content, according to an investigation by Bellingcat

Legal, regulatory

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Published: February 2024