São Geraldo Magela drone Eucharist delivery

Occurred: April 2018

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A priest at São Geraldo Magela church in Soracaba, Brazil, has used a drone fitted with a monstrance to deliver the Eucharist to  the altar. The congregation reputedly supported the novelty. 

However, once shared on Facebook, religious conservatives complained that the act was 'inappropriate, 'scandalous', and a 'profanation'. 

Priest John Zuhlsdorf labelled the stunt 'sacrilegious silliness', according to the Catholic Herald.

Operator: São Geraldo Magela church, Sorocaba
Developer: Unknown
Country: Brazil
Sector: Religion
Purpose: Deliver Eucharist
Technology: Drone
Issue: Ethics; Appropriateness/need

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Type: Incident
Published: March 2021